Pension advice for employers

Pension advice following a thorough investigation of the legal possibilities is Dirk-Jan Plate’s unique selling point as a certified pension consultant. Dirk-Jan Plate is the ideal sparring partner for employers and HR managers grappling with changes to pension schemes. He combines practical experience as a pension consultant with the academic knowledge of a specialist in pension law (and the associated tax laws). This creates synergy, which is a tremendous advantage for anyone looking for a custom-made collective or individual pension plan.

Pension advice upon the commencement or extension of an implementation agreement

The most important thing to be certain about upon the commencement of an implementation agreement is whether or not you are obliged to take part in an industry-wide pension fund, and if a collective labour agreement (CLA) applies to your situation. Pensioenlogica can help with this assessment. If you are not under an obligation to subscribe to an industry-wide pension fund, you are at liberty to make arrangements for your employees’ pension independently. The law currently enables employers to independently determine the quality of the pension schemes they offer their employees.

How big is your available budget?

This is important because the available budget is a determining factor for the quality of the pension scheme.

In addition to advice at the very start, advice concerning the extension of your implementation agreement with your insurer, premium pension institution or pension fund (if membership is voluntary) is also very important. Are any amendments being made to the original pension agreement because the implementation agreement is being extended? This question can be answered by Pensioenlogica. If a change is pending, adequate advisory services are an investment that you will easily earn back – and more.

Support in amendment processes for pensions

A lot can be said about amendment processes. Good advice is crucial in situations like these. Whose approval do you need, and how do you provide information about this? This is specialist territory indeed, and in which Pensioenlogica has garnered the necessary acclaim. Pension strategist Plate is fully aware that getting difficult messages across in such a way that they will be accepted is one of the most difficult challenges. In such a case, success depends on the ability to make the relevant message understandable at every level of the organization and, by doing so, quickly and expertly eliminate any ambiguities.

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