Independent pension consultant

Dirk-Jan Plate is an independent pension consultant for employers, works councils, lawyers specializing in labour law and HR professionals.

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Certified Pension Consultant Dirk-Jan Plate

Independent pension consultant Dirk-Jan Plate CPC is a sparring partner for employers, works councils, lawyers specializing in labour law and HR professionals. Employees seeking an independent pension consultant can also apply to Dirk-Jan Plate for assistance. If you have complex and atypical questions about an individual or collective pension scheme Dirk-Jan is the right person to brainstorm about this with you. After having investigated all the legal possibilities, he will communicate his solutions to you clearly, and in a step-by-step manner. Plate’s approach combines two worlds: practice and theory. This is a unique combination. With his feet firmly planted on the ground and his nose in the books. This creates synergy, which is a tremendous advantage for anyone looking for a customized pension plan.

Specialist in pension law and the associated tax laws

Pension is a complex topic. Do not hesitate to contact Pensioenlogica if you would you like to brainstorm with an independent pension consultant, or want to receive a pension plan. Dirk-Jan looks further than a possibly obvious solution in terms of product. He provides tailor-made advice and will continue to fine-tune your pension issue until the most appropriate – and possibly alternative – solution is found. Plate can rely on a vast network of specialists as well as generalists in a wide range of disciplines. In consultation, he will be happy to bring you into contact with these parties. Dirk-Jan is a member of the Dutch Association for Pension Law.

How can Pensioenlogica help you?

Pensioenlogica can help you with all sorts of issues related to pensions and retirement. These include:

  • Amendment procedures concerning pension schemes and a practical solution to compensate for any differences (including drawing up a pension transition plan);
  • Renewal of the pension contract, the administration agreement;
  • Drawing up your own pension scheme;
  • Investigating whether or not the employer is free in its choice of pension or if an obligatory affiliation to an industry-wide pension fund applies, in which a study into the sphere of operations will show whether or not such an obligation exists;
  • Pension solutions in the event of dismissal, in those cases where pension-related issues can offer a helping hand to the practice of dismissal. Both the employer and the employees benefit from information that is easy to apply in practice with regard to the following issues: alternatives with regard to transition compensation; the possibility of retaining preliminary pension (VPL entitlements); the benefits of voluntarily continuing a pension; how to advise an employee wishing to take advantage of an early retirement option (e.g. through a generation pact, vitality pact), etc;
  • Qualitative and quantitative comparisons of insurance companies with pension contribution institutes and pension funds; and
  • Informing self-employed entrepreneurs and director-majority shareholders of all alternative pension options that ‘one-size-fits-all’ products cannot offer.

Expertise of Pensioenlogica

Plate’s training and education, in combination with his many years of experience and enthusiasm for solving atypical puzzles, comprise the essence of the expertise that Pensioenlogica places at the disposal of its clients.

Educational background:

  • Post-graduate courses in Pension Law (CPC) – Free University of Amsterdam
  • Pension law and taxes – Free University of Amsterdam
  • Tilburg University of Applied Sciences (MPLA, Master in Pensions and Life Assurance.) – Oysterwyck
  • Professional training courses: investing, Assurance A, employee benefits

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