Certified Pension Consultant (CPC) for independent pension advice

Pensioenlogica was founded in 2017 by certified pension consultant Dirk-Jan Plate. Every aspect of the advice he provides is based on logic. He speaks about his work with passion:

‘I give independent pension advice, in which I seek solutions to complex pension issues for employers, HR managers, works councils (WC) and individual employees. I am a fast thinker, talker and doer, continuously in search of the best result. This also has a positive effect on the overall expenses for my clients. My curiosity for this wonderful profession is continuously being sparked through my research and publications, and by applying all of this in practice.’

Independent pension consultant for employers and HR managers

Is the implementation agreement with your pension administrator being extended (or not), are any amendments being made to your pension agreement or are you, as an employer or an HR manager, looking for the most suitable pension scheme for your staff?

You can be assured that certified pension consultant Dirk-Jan Plate will only advise you after all the legal possibilities have been thoroughly investigated. In your search for the best pension scheme for your organization and employees you will be able to rely on his analytical capacities, creativity and targeted approach. He provides advice on a wide range of topics that pass the review when making an objective comparison, inform you of all the ins and outs of the pension world and help you make a well-considered decision with regard to the best type of pension and pension administrator for you.

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Works council and pension amendments

A works council (WC) is invested with a right of approval if any amendments are being made to the employees’ pension scheme. Even if a trade union is involved in such a change, the works council’s approval of certain details is required.

Works councils can apply to Pensioenlogica for assistance in this matter: in word and in deed. Frequently asked questions concern the conversion of a defined-benefit scheme (DB) into a defined contribution scheme (DC), or the effect of actuarial interest on pensions. Dirk-Jan Plate’s curiosity often leads to surprising solutions which are a perfect match for the given situation.

It may be possible that the works council and the employer each have a different opinion about the pension change. Plate is able to smooth out any wrinkles so that the parties will be able to further negotiate with one another in finding a solution.

Works council and pension advice

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Certified pension consultant for labour experts

Pension Solutions in the Event of Dismissal

Dirk-Jan Plate CPC, second print published 2020

In the event of an individual dismissal or restructuring, the consequences and possibilities with regard to pensions deserve more attention. Are you looking for a pension law specialist? Certified pension consultant Dirk-Jan Plate CPC can complement you in the field of pension law and tax law in relation to pensions and will be happy to collaborate with you. He is, among others, the author of the book Pensioenoplossingen bij ontslag (informal translation: Pension Solutions in the Event of Dismissal). His book and training courses will familiarize you with the various constructions that can be offered as a satisfactory solution to both employers and employees.

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Early pension (part-time retirement)?

Would you like to stop working early, or work less? The age at which we in the Netherlands are entitled to pension under the General Old Age Pensions Act (AOW) is increasing, but it is still possible for people to determine their pensionable age individually. If you are in doubt as to whether you are eligible for early retirement, whether full or partial, allow Pensioenlogica to explore the possibilities of early retirement or working less before making an irrevocable decision. Dirk-Jan Plate listens to your wishes, explores the legal possibilities and will subsequently provide you written advice. In this, account is taken, for example, of the risk that the degree of cover of the pension scheme may lead to a future reduction in your pension. The pension solution is based on your personal pension plan, and not a product provided by one of many pension providers. Perhaps we will come to the conclusion that, based on your pension plan, an adjustment to an existing pension product is much more interesting for you. Pensioenlogica can help you with this.

The advice provided by Pensioenlogica is often atypical and offers a solution that will exceed your expectations. You can count on receiving outstanding advice at affordable prices.

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